angela boiler

About Angela

By creating a magical world dedicated to feet and fetishism, Angela shares her vision of beauty and pleasure. Being the artist and the model, she totally embodies the majesty of her work sharing her vision with the world.

She raises foot worship and adoration to the place they deserve, at the front of the scene and in a poetic, still erotic manner.

Role play is a key to exploration and she’s getting excited by seeing you turned on. Always in a playful mood, she knows a lot about bringing your kink to the edge.

She can create a  space where you fully surrender to the most intimate part of yourself and enjoy the subtle limit between thrill and guilt.

By offering exquisite artworks and performances, the immense power of the goddess is finally restored and exposed to all.


The dedication of the salve, his loving and perverted eyes, his willingness to do anything to satisfy The Mistress contributes to the momentum to the creations. Also, Angela’s feet are so precious she knows not only the connoisseurs will appreciate the journey and the view.